2002-2008 Student at HFF “Konrad Wolf” Potsdam Filmschool / Directing


1998 `Hanging Out´ Shortfilm 10Min.; DV Kurvenstar Productions

99/00 `En Why? See!´- Documentary 60min.; Musicdocu: Hip Hop in New York     
TroubleShooting Films, Directors: N.Barthel, Ina Géraldine, Heike Woosey

2001 `Bling Bling´- Documentary 60min.; Musicdocu: Hip Hop in Los Angeles
TroubleShooting Films & Veit Helmer Filmproduktion
Directors: N.Barthel, Heike Woosey

01/02 `Fifty Fifty´ Documentary 76min.; Portraitfilm: „Partymothers“ in Berlin
TV Station, ZDF- Das kleine Fernsehspiel; Producer: Peter Kuhn
 Director: N.Barthel

2003 `Mr.Street´ Documentary 15 Min.; Portraitfilm; 16mm
Producer: HFF „Konrad Wolf“; Director: N. Barthel

2003 `Lingam&Yoni´   Shortfilm 15Min., DV; Comedy
Production: HFF „Konrad Wolf“; Director: N.Barthel

2004 „Irrläufer“  Shortfilm  10Min., 16mm; Comedy
Production: HFF “Konrad Wolf”; Director: N. Barthel

2005 `Joy´s Joy´ Shortfilm 25Min. / 16mm; Drama
Production: HFF „Konrad Wolf“; Director: N. Barthel

2006 `Children in accidents´ Traffic- Commercial 40sec. / 16mm
Production: HFF „Konrad Wolf“; Director: N. Barthel

2007 `Daddy Uncool´ Social Spot 60sek. / HD
Producer: Aktion Gemeinsinn & HFF „Konrad Wolf“; Director: N. Barthel

2007 `TWO in THREE´ Shortfilm 30Min. / 16mm; Tragic Comedy
Producer: RBB & HFF „Konrad Wolf“; Director: N.Barthel


2002 German newcomer Award from the Potsdamer Sehsüchte Festival for `Bling Bling`
2002 Journalist Newcomer Award from the Journalistinnenbund e.V. for `Fifty Fifty´
2002 Nominated for the "goldenen Löwen" /Munich Filmfest 2002
2003 Gold Medal from the Fish Festival Rostock for `Mr.Street´
2003 Newcomer Award from Film-und Video Tage/Gera for „Mr.Street“
2004 second price from the Frech&Frivol Festival Berlin for „Lingam & Yoni“
2006 Award for best womens director at Granada Filmfestival for „Joy´s Joy“
2008 Award for best womens director at Granada Filmfestival for "Two into Three"
2008 Audience Award from Dreiland Filmfestival for „Two into Three“
2008 Award for best script at Balchik „In the Palace“ Filmfestival for „Two into Three“


1999 `Now´ - Puma/ Research – Director, Camera, Editor
1999 `Die Fußballjams von Nike & Kiss FM´- TV-Report for TV- Berlin
2000 `Samual Adams´- Commercial; Director: R. Schmerberg – Camera
2003 `Nike Nakata´- Commercial; Director: Ralf Schmerberg – Camera
2008 „24h Berlin“ Documentary /ARTE; Director: Volker Heise
2008 Teacher training Kids in a Filmworkshop


1997 Director´s Assistent: `Angel Express´- Feature film; Director: R.P. Kahl
1998 Script: `Barfuß´- HFF-Shortfilm; Director: Maria Speth
1998 Production Assistent: `Blutsbrüder´- TV-Movie; Director: Hartmut Schön
1999 2. Camera Assistent: `Zurück auf Los´- TV-Movie; Director: Pierre Blis