Bling Bling

Dokumentary, 60Min., Mini DV

The filmdiary portraits an authentic and personal view deep inside L.A.´s HipHop community. It deals with the stories af dangerous gangsterrappers, crack-cokaine, the difficulties of women inside the HipHop world and the blessings and scruting of showbuisness. By using small DV cameras and a good portion of charme, the filmmakers skip into real life situations and intimate places. Several times their direct approach brings them into life threatening situations, like jumping out of Snoop Doggs window…

Interviewed Artists are: Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E., Will (Black Eyed Peas), Kim Hill, Medusa, Tré (Pharcyde), Snoop Dogg, Lonzo (World Class Wreckin´Cru) and many more.

Director_ Neelesha Barthel, Janna Ji Wonders, Heike Woosey
Editor _ Neelesha Barthel
DoP  _ Neelesha Barthel
Production _ Troubleshooting Films & Veit Helmer Filmprduktion