Fifty Fifty

Director _ Neelesha Barthel
Co-Writer _ Michaela Klein
DoP _ Carsten Geißler
Sound _ Andreas Ruft
Producer _ Peter Kuhn
TV Producer _ Christian Cloos
Production _ Media Content Factory im Auftrag des ZDF – Kleines Fernsehspiel

Dokumentary, 80 Min., Digi Beta

Natty and Celine are young mothers. Neelesha Barthel films her best friends, their children and (ex) husbands. She’s there when Natty gets upset that Noah’s father always gives his son minced meat, even though the kid is supposed to be vegetarian. When the quirky nuclear family strolls through the Grunewald and artist’s father Dirk marvels at nature like an installation: “Quite cool here, actually!” Five minutes later, they then have to worry about the maintenance payments. Because the deal with the fathers is just: Fifty Fifty!