A terrible rich couple

Comedy, 83 Min., HD
Foto: ©ZDF/Daniela Incoronato

The unorthodox millionaire’s wife Eva Klüber rages when her husband Rainer wants to divorce her and she can´t keep any of their common property according to the marriage contract. Eva plans her own kidnapping, in order to get her money. But her perfect plan is backfiring in several ways …

Set Design _ Martina Brünner
Music_Maurus Ronner
DoP _ Dennis Pauls
Writer _ Edda Leesch
Director _ Neelesha Barthel
Producer  _ Carmen Stozek
Production _ Hager Moss Film GmbH
TV Producer _ Wolfgang Grundmann / ZDF

Lisa Martinek _ Eva Klüber
Thomas Heinze _ Rainer Klüber
Peter Jordan _ Pepe Benning
Rafael Gareisen _ Franz
Anna Herrmann _ Ida