Two into Three

Comedy, 30Min., 16mm

Susa and David have been unemployed for a while. They live together with their son Levi in a small flat in Berlin. After they finally find work it becomes harder for them to organise their daily life. Levi doesn´t seem to fit into the life of his parents any more. Will the family fall a part from all the trouble?

Rebecca Rudolph _ Susa
Hannes Wegener _ David
Levin Rittmeyer _ Levin
Stephan Grossmann _ Matthias
Cathlen Gawlich _ Teresa
Hussi Kutlucan _ Luan
Sarah Masuch _ Natty

Set Design _ Janna Skroblin
Costume _ Isabel Seidler
Editor _ Rain
Music _ Jan Opoczynski
DoP _ Marco Armborst
Producer _ Anne-Kathrin Gliese
Writer _ Neelesha Barthel, Nina Pourlak
Director _ Neelesha Barthel
Production_ RBB & HFF „Konrad Wolf“