Neelesha Barthel was born in Potsdam-Babelsberg in 1977 as the daughter of the Indian director, Chetna Vora and the German cinematographer, Lars Barthel. In 1983 they left the GDR, to live in India and the USA, until finally returning back to West-Berlin.  With great influence of creativity in her environment, an interest for film started developing at an early age. Already in 1999, Neelesha took initiative, to apply her self taught skills to various film projects as a cinematographer, editor and director.
Her first cinematic footage culminated in the feature-length documentary “Bling Bling” (2001). Following that, the Tv documentary “Fifty Fifty” (2002) for the “ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel”. In 2002, Neelesha began studying directing at the Filmhochschule HFF “Konrad Wolf” Potsdam with a major in fictional narration. In 2007, she successfully completed her studies with the RBB movie “Zwei zu Dritt”. Parallel to the development of the screenplay for her debut film, Neelesha attended a scriptwriting academy to continue polishing her skills as a writer.
Finally, the Kreuzberger Culture-Clash comedy “Marry Me!” hit theaters in 2015, as her debut film.
In 2016 she actualized her first commissioned work for the ZDF – the TV movie comedy “Ein schrecklich reiches Paar”. 

Currently Neelesha works as a commissioned director of TV movies and TV shows and continues to develop her own cinema and TV movie projects. Neelesha lives with her family in Berlin.
From 1995 to 2008 Neelesha worked under her stage name Neelesha BaVora as an actress, amongst other things as the main role in “Samsara” (2001) and “Everyday Life” (2002).


2019 WAPO BERLIN TV Show, 4 Episodes, Saxonia Media, ARD

2018   LUCKY WITH A CARPENTERTV Movie, Wiedemann & Berg Television GmbH, ARD Degeto

2017   SOKO KÖLN
TV Show, 4 Episodes, Network Movie Filmproduktion GmbH, ZDF

TV Show, 4 Episodes, Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH, ZDF

2016   A TERRIBLE RICH COUPLE PAAR Fernsehfilm, Hager Moss Filmproduktion, ZDF

2014     MARRY ME! Cinema, Wüste Film Ost, ZDF & Arte (Script & Director)

2011     TAKE OFF

2008     24h BERLIN
Documentary, Zero Ona Film,  RBB

TV Movie, RBB & HFF „Konrad Wolf“ (Script & Director)

2005     JOY´S JOY
Kurzfilm, HFF „Konrad Wolf“(Script & Director)

2003     MR. STREET
Kurzdoku, HFF „Konrad Wolf“ (Script & Director)

2003     LINGAM & YONI
Shortfilm, HFF „Konrad Wolf“ (Script & Director)

01/02     FIFTY FIFTY
Documentary, Media Content Factory, ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel

2001     BLING BLING Documentary, TroubleShooting Films & Veit Helmer Filmproduktion, Co-Director: Heike  Woosey, Janna Ji Wonders

99/00     EN WHY? SEE! Documentary, TroubleShooting Films; Co-Director: Ina Géraldine, Heike Woosey