“Marry me!”

Cinema, 94 Min, HD

Marriage? Eternal Love? Forget about it! But, what if suddenly, as a convinced single, you would need to stage a Bollywood-style wedding and not just as a guest but as the bride herself? And what if while pretending to marry your ex-boyfriend you would be unable to resist falling in love … with an innocent bystander?

Producer _ Yildiz Özcan
DoP _ Florian Foest
Co-Writer _ Daniela Baumgärtl,
Nina Pourlak, Sintje Rosema
Director & Writer _ Neelesha Barthel
Production: Film Ost OHG
TV Producer: Christian Cloos TV Channel: ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel & ARTE

Maryam Zaree   _ Kissy
Fahri Yardim  _  Karim
Bharti Jaffrey _   Sujata
Mira Kandathil  _  Sonal
Steffen Groth _   Robert
Rebecca Rudolph  _  Laura
Wolfgang Stumph  _  Manfred
Renate Krößner  _  Uschi
Idil Baydar _   Fatma

Stephan Grossmann  _  Joshi Kumar

Foto: ©ZDF/Daniela Incoronato